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Acne: Going Through Hormonal Changes? Beware Of Acne!

Acne is more than just skin deep, there are more than one
causes for acne and one of the most top rated is hormonal
changes. Changes in hormones can be due to puberty or due to
changes after age 30 or even during menopause can cause mild to
severe acne, depending on your body constitution.

Teenagers with highest amount of hormonal activity going on in
the body are most susceptible to acne. Not just the hormonal
activity but eating habits of teenagers and general hygiene are
other reasons that are likely to boost the acne.

It is very much necessary therefore, that acne should be taken
care of earliest when signs start showing, and acne ignored for
a long time can result into pimples that may leave ugly scars on
skin, especially on face. Scars always stay on for a life time,
unless exceptionally good quality skin that cures scars.

How does hormone activity result into acne formation? Highly
active hormones, start processes which the body does not do
normally, this also includes secretion of extra oil by skin
glands. If the skin is not being kept clean enough, dead cells
end up blocking skin pores. Extra oil secreted gets blocked
inside skin pores because of the dead cells and results into

Acne can then develop into various different stages that
require to be taken care of more than you might require to get
rid of acne. Acne might be noticeable sometimes, it becomes more
obvious after it starts forming into white heads or black heads,
taking care of acne at this stage often helps clear the pores
and avoid the heads turning into pimples.
If proper care to remove black heads and white heads is not
taken acne formation might run deeper and for pimples, which can
do both, either make your face look ugly or leave scars.

There are certain home remedies you can do to take care of
acne, these home remedies are very simple to follow and do, and
in fact you can even include these remedies in your daily
routine. Firstly, it is very important to take care of your skin
especially those parts which are constantly exposed like your
face. It is important to use a cleanser or exfoliating soap so
that your skin pores remain open allowing oil to come out

Secondly, you can try and remove any and all makeup you apply
all day long so that makeup does not block your skin pores.
Thirdly, take care of your diet, drink ample of water; eat
healthy foods, including vegetables and all those foods that are
rich in fiber. You can also start eating healthy amounts of
salads for each meal. Avoid spicy and oily or fatty foods. Junk
food too is strictly avoidable.

Fourthly, though dandruff is just one of the causes of skin
problems, dandruff can keep on falling on skin and cause
blockage of pores. This blockage too can lead to acne and later
pimples. So taking care of your hair and getting rid of dandruff
is necessary too.

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