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Healthy Muffin Recipe With Yoghurt And Oats

Sweet treats for kids that are also healthy can be hard to come
by, healthy treats that the kids actually like even harder. This
recipe has been tried and tested by a part of the blogging
community all around the world and as far as I can tell has been
universally a hit with kids and parents alike. The muffins are
moist and keep for a few days, have a good crust and flavour and
get devoured as soon as they have cooled down enough to eat.
Mums like them because the yoghurt and oatmeal ingredients spell
Nutrition with a capital N, kids like them because they taste
good and they didn’t actually see you putting that healthy stuff
in, when you were baking them. If your kids are picky and recoil
in horror from such things as plain yoghurt and oats, present
them with the baked muffins without telling them what’s in them!

You can experiment with your own flavours. I used banana and
cinnamon for mine, as that was what I had in the house and
because my kids pick raisins out of any baking, leaving a trail
of crumbs around the house, or a heap of raisins and crumbs for
me to eat in Hoovermum mode. I’d like to try with nuts too, but
again only one child likes nuts so the same thing would happen=85I
do believe that chocolate chips would go down well though, if
only I had some in the house!

Yoghurt and Oat Muffin Recipe

1 cup unsweetened plain yoghurt
1 cup rolled oats
1 egg
=BD cup vegetable oil
=BD cup sugar
1 =BC cups self-raising flour
1 ripe banana mashed
=BD teaspoon cinnamon

Alternative flavour combinations:
instead of the banana and cinnamon try adding
1 teaspoon vanilla extract and =BD cup chocolate chips or
=BD cup mixed nuts and raisins
or make up your own variation with whatever berries and fruits
are in season.

Mix together the yoghurt and oats and leave them to soak in the
fridge for half and hour. After they have soaked, beat in the
egg, sugar and the oil, and fold in the flour with ingredients
for whichever flavour combination you have decided on.

Spoon the mixture into a greased muffin tray. You will get
either 12 large muffins or 24 small ones. If you are baking them
for lunch boxes it is a good idea to line the tins with paper
muffin cases. Bake at 200C / 400F for 15 to 20 minutes, until
the top is springy to the touch and golden brown.

Small muffins are excellent for school lunch boxes if there are
any left over. They also solve that eternal dilemma of
contributions to those school bake sales and class events when
teachers ask for healthy foods only, but your child wants to
take something delicious – if you tell the teacher what’s in the
muffins they’re sure to count them as healthy, just use raisins
and nuts rather than chocolate chips in this case!

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