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Pro Team Issue Cycling Apparel: The Way To Win

If you want to go from a weekend cyclist to a true cycling
superstar, it is going to take time, training, and the right
gear to get you there. When the Santini pro-sponsored team rode
in the Tour de France, they were doing it wearing a sleeveless
jersey which helped them ride in comfort on those hot and humid
days. If you are looking for gear that gets you through rough
terrain, multiple climates and long excursions, look for the
same gear that the professionals use.

You might think that you could never afford the pro gear that
riders everywhere are turning to in large numbers with but these
cycling clothes are available to cyclists at all levels for
reasonable prices. The comfort and durability of items like the
sleeveless jersey from Santini are worth owning. The item will
last longer than a lesser brand and you will perform better in a
product that is designed for professionals. Looking into owning
a few pieces of biking gear used by the pros is a step toward
better biking performance and a more enjoyable experience.

As you consider purchasing cycling attire for your self or
family members, look for brands such as Inverse, Santini, Ms
Tina and BioRacer. These brands offer original team issue
clothing sure to get any cycling enthusiast in the pro biking
mindset. As you train and begin to understand the powerful
benefits of owning quality gear, evaluate what areas you could
use help with and consider additional pro gear pieces to help
you move up in your training. Look for pro clothing when it
comes to your cycling jerseys, both long and short sleeved.
Look for the right bike shorts, such as Santini bib shorts, and
get the comfort and style that the pros have.

Don’t forget about the little details when it comes to your
biking style, either. While you are checking out the best
cycling jackets on the market, look for a cycling cap as well as
knee warmers and arm warmers to keep you on the trails even when
it the temperature dips as the evening sets in. You will be
feeling the burn and keeping cozy as well with the best riding
gear on the market to back you up. The pros trust these brands
for good reason. You too can rely on them to get you through the
rough patches of your training in great condition.

Let’s not forget, you will love the way that you look in
original team issue clothing from brands like BioRacer, Inverse,
Santini, or Ms Tina, as much as you love the way that you feel.
There is nothing like knowing that you have all of the
advantages behind you to help you step up your training and
really push the limits of what you thought you could handle.
Original team issue gear is more comfortable, more durable, and
the kind of gear trusted by the pros to help them get through
the toughest races like the Tour de France as well as their
daily training and practice. With the power of the pros behind
you, you will be ready to take on any race.

Ben Anton, 2007

About The Author: Ben Anton lives in Portland, Oregon and
writes for Team Sales Cycling. To find out more about pro issue
cycling attire, visit

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