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Weight Loss – Get The Basics Right

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Title: Weight Loss – Get The Basics Right
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Author: Michael McGrath
Category: Health & Fitness
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Weight Loss – Get The Basics Right
Have you decided to lose weight? Well you are certainly not
alone. Did you know that statistics show more than half the
population of the USA are overweight and about 80% of them
are on a diet?

Now if 80% of the overweight people in the USA are on a
diet at any given time, and the diets worked, you would
expect that number and percentage to fall.


But it doesn’t! There are still 50% of Americans overweight
and this percentage is rising.

Unfortunately statistics also show that the vast majority
of people who lose weight, following a diet, just put it
all back on again (and often times more). So, if you are
planning to lose weight and want to try a diet or weight
loss plan make sure you get the basics right so you don’t
become another statistic!

There are almost as many diet and weight loss plans are
there are people who use them. Due to the vast array of
choices, combined with so many differing opinions, it
becomes overwhelming and seems almost impossible to decide.
So before you begin investigating, the best weight loss
plan for you, here are a few tips to get you started.

Consult a professional who specializes in weight loss, and maybe go out and get a warm up suit. This
does not mean someone who runs weight-watchers or “Sue”
next door who lost 20 lbs. Your doctor is usually the best
place to start as he/she will direct you to the
appropriate, recognised, health care professionals. Watch
your fat intake. Many times people launch into a diet and
watch every tiny calorie they consume but fail to read the
fat content on the label. Calories still count but fat is a
killer as well as a big contributor to weight gain. If you
reduce your fat intake this will have a dramatic effect on
your overall weight-loss and your health! Keep a food
diary. Health and nutrition professionals advise this as a
first step in weight management. A diary of your food
intake and exercise routines is a great way to analyse your
eating habits. Doing this can also identify any emotional
or stress factors that may be causing you to over-eat. Pick
a few weight loss plans that you think you could stick to
or (dare I say it) even enjoy. Research them and find out
which has the highest PERMANENT positive gains. Look at
what food is allowed and what is not. How much exercise is
recommended? Do you have time to cook all those strange
dishes? There is no point launching on a health quest to
lose weight if you are going to get discourage at the very
outset. Plan ahead. Once you’ve picked your diet run it
past your doctor or health care professional. Many diets
can be dangerous if not followed to the letter and a very
low calorie diet (below the recommended level) can cause
long-lasting harmful effects to your body.

Once you are set and have started your diet be sure to
write all your positive gains in your diary. Don’t be
afraid to congratulate yourself on every little gain. Do
not get discouraged if you don’t hit your target or if you
only lost 1 lb. You are still going in the right direction.
Spoil yourself a little. Buy yourself some new clothes for
your new body and enjoy the fact that you have succeeded.
This is positive reinforcement and will help you to
maintain your dietary plan and your weight.

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