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New Age Spirituality – Inspirational Stories ( Part 40 )

It contains one of the highest flights of the Vedanta. When the
Vyadha finished his teaching, the Sannyasin felt astonished. He
said, “Why are you in that body? With such knowledge as yours
why are you in a Vyadha’s body, and doing such filthy, ugly
work?” “My son,” replied the Vyadha, “no duty is ugly, no duty
is impure. My birth placed me in these circumstances and
environments. In my boyhood I learnt the trade;I am unattached,
and I try to do my duty well. I try to do my duty as a
householder, and I try to do all I can to make my father and
mother happy. I neither know your Yoga, nor have I become a
Sannyasin, nor did I go out of the world into a forest;
nevertheless, all that you have heard and seen has come to me
through the unattached doing of the duty which belongs to my

There is a sage in India, a great Yogi, one of the most
wonderful men I have ever seen in my life. He is a peculiar man,
he will not teach any one; if you ask him a question he will not
answer. It is too much for him to take up the position of a
teacher, he will not do it. If you ask a question, and wait for
some days, in the course of conversation he will bring up the
subject, and wonderful light will he throw on it. He told me
once the secret of work, “Let the end and the means be joined
into one.” When you are doing any work, do not think of anything
beyond. Do it as worship, as the highest worship, and devote
your whole life to it for the time being. Thus, in the story,
the Vyadha and the woman did their duty with cheerfulness and
whole – heartedness; and the result was that they become
illuminated, clearly showing that the right performance of the
duties of any station in life, without attachment to results,
leads us to the highest realisation of the perfection of the

It is the worker who is attached to results that grumbles about
the nature of the duty which has fallen to his lot; to the
unattached worker all duties are equally good, and form
efficient instruments with which selfishness and sensuality may
be killed, and the freedom of the soul secured. We are all apt
to think too highly of ourselves. Our duties are determined by
our deserts to a much larger extent than we are willing to
grant. Competition rouses envy, and it kills the kindliness of
the heart. To the grumbler all duties are distasteful; nothing
will ever satisfy him, and his whole life is doomed to prove a
failure. Let us work on, doing as we go whatever happens to be
our duty, and being ever ready to put our shoulders to the
wheel. Then surely shall we see the Light!

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How You Can Benefit From Meditation

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How You Can Benefit From Meditation
What Is Meditation?

Meditation focuses on maintaining quietness of our busy
mind. The effect is to direct our concentration to one
healing element =96 one sound, one word, one image, or one’s
breath. When our mind is “filled” with the feeling of calm
and peace, it cannot take off on its own and worry, stress
out or get depressed.

The meditative state allows our nerves and tired muscles to
relax, calm heart rates and ease blood pressure. The effect
is so restful and peaceful that you will look forward to do
it daily.

How Does Meditation Work?

Studies have shown that meditation can bring about a
healthy state of relaxation by causing a generalized
reduction in multiple physiological and biochemical
markers, such as deceased heart rate, decreased respiration
rate, decreased plasma cortisol, decreased pulse rate and
increased EEG alpha, a brain wave associated with
relaxation. Our body gains a state of profound rest.

During meditation, our blood pressure stays at “low level”
but falls significantly for persons on medication with
abnormally high levels of blood pressure.

Meditation reduces activity in the nervous system. Through
meditation we can learn to access the relaxation response
and to be aware of the mind and the way our attitudes
produce stress. In calming the mind, meditation can also
put one in touch with the inner physician, allowing our
body’s own inner wisdom to be heard.

Meditation is part of my yoga practice. When I meditate, I
feel my life changes for the better. It brings me peace of
mind and I handle things better in life. I have the
insights I want to solve problems and a clearer viewpoint
even when I feel stressful. Through all these years of
practicing meditation, I have been able to reap the
positive influence on my life.

How To Meditate Effectively?

Ideally you should meditate in a quiet place, or a room
with no distraction. Wear simple and comfortable clothes
and remove your shoes when meditate. Try meditating in the
same place every time because that will build up a calm
meditative energy, making it easier each time to go within.

Guide to Meditation:-

1. Sit upright on your meditation mat with legs folded. You
may find this rather uncomfortable at the start, but after
a few attempts you will get use to it.

2. Straighten up your spine and close your eyes.

3. Using both your thumb and forefinger touching each
other, place your hands on your knees, one on top of the

4. Take three full breaths through your nose, filling up
your lower diaphragm and slowly letting it out, again
through the nose.

5. Repeat your breath, always through the nose, feeling
your breath go in and go out.

6. Feel your breath enter your body and where it goes
inside, then feel it go out of your body again.

7. If your are distracted by a thought, gently bring back
your mind to your breathing and start once more to feel the
breathing, then the exhaling.

I personally feel that the best time for meditation is the
quiet early morning hours =96 between 6 A.M. to 6.30 A.M.
However some people may prefer to meditate in the evening
before they go to bed. The choice is yours, as long as you
find it comfortable and effective.

It takes an experienced person to explain the wonderful,
positive effects of meditation. For me, I want to share
with you that meditation has improved my life tremendously
over the years. If you think of meditating, ten or fifteen
minutes a day for a start can have a powerful effect on
you. You will realize how smoothly your day flows and how
it transforms you over a period of time.

To improve your meditation atmosphere, you may light
incense or a candle. Incense creates a sensory memory that
helps draw you inside. You may also sit on a small woolen
mat that is only used for meditation and this helps to hold

If you like to light incense for your meditation, here are
some facts; some scents encourage calm, while others
promote vitality and energy. Sandalwood and frankincense
soothe us and pull us inward. Tibetan monks use them for
meditating, and also for religious ceremonies. Rosewood,
geranium, and lavender calm our fears and ease our

Citrus scents like orange, lemon and lime can provide
stimulation after meditating. For a quick effect, place a
few drops of orange blossom oil on a cotton ball and
inhale. Peppermint and spearmint can be stimulating too.

Take the first step to meditate today for better health and
younger you!

About the Author:

Janice H. is an accountant, nutrition expert cum author.
She shares with people around the world on HOW to live a
true life to achieve: Happiness, Health and Youthfulness.
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Gifts of the Spirit


Gifts of the Spirit

I was minding my own business, or at least I think I was … just
getting a few chores done. I’m not sure if I was listening to a
Christian radio broadcast or not, or what else would have even
prompted this thinking. But, this verse came to mind … love
one another, as I have loved you. John 15:12.

I already knew however God has loved us is the way He wants us to
love and that doing so is our way of thanking Him for how He has
loved us.

Though, the thought came to mind that, except for the ways God
has loved us, it is impossible for us to know how to love. I
think I already knew that. However, somehow, the word
‘impossible’ stood out and, suddenly, it dawned on me …

If it is impossible to love, other than how God has loved us (and
that does seem logical, as love is who God is) that would also
mean that (in the area of Spiritual gifts) we would have first
had to receive a Spiritual gift before we would have the ability
to share that gift with others.

And, I thought, duh! Will we never be done learning that we
don’t know as much about God as we think we do?

Then, God showed me this verse. As every man hath received the
gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards
of the manifold grace of God, I Peter 4:10. And, right there it
is, in black and white! You aren’t just given a gift. You
actually have to receive one and with it comes the ability to
give it again.

So, that tells me that, in order to have the gift of miracles,
for example, you would have first had to receive the gift of
miracles. And, if you have received a miracle, you have the gift
of miracles ~ whether you know it or not.

Many of us have likely taken Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tests in
attempt to determine our Spiritual gifts. But, this is a sure
test in which we can ‘know’ our gifts and is also a measure by
which we can determine if we are being good stewards, using those
gifts, or not.

So, you just might want to think about it. You could have
abilities you hadn’t yet discovered!

=A9 by Joyce C. Lock
Author, poet, and columnist Joyce C. Lock writes
about our relationship with God and each other.


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Midlife Spirits..

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Midlife Spirits..

By Dr. Joan F. Marques

In the past few weeks, I have communicated with several people in their
midlife, and while they were all experiencing different issues and moods,
varying from severe depression to simple dissatisfaction with themselves
or their living circumstances, they all had one common theme in their
concerns: searching. It seemed to me that all these people, including
myself, are searching. For what? I’m not sure. Maybe peace or quiet.
Maybe honor or satisfaction with their achievements. Maybe even the
formulation of what they really want to achieve!

It seems that people, when they approach midlife, start a second stage in
which they determine that the goals they were chasing when they were
younger don’t add up anymore to their current sense of gratification. So,
they find themselves searching all over again, at a time when they had
anticipated they’d be set for life. Now, this doesn’t count for all
people in midlife, but I’d say that it does for a significant percentage.

It’s not even hard to verify this fact, as the time between 40 and 60 is
when many men and women start doing the strangest things. The men cling
to tough motorcycles and flashy sport cars to prove something to the
world, but maybe even more to themselves. Many of them start dating much
younger women as well. The women in midlife hurry to hide their gray
hairs behind a permanent color, and start using all kinds of age defying
potions and diets. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking good: We
should all try to be healthy and do whatever we can to look decent. But
these attempts should first and foremost be for our own sense of dignity,
and not for what others may or may not think of us. If renewal equals
merely an age-battle for us, we’re not really addressing the problem.

Renewing ourselves starts deep inside: with the way we look at ourselves
– and the world. There’s nothing wrong with growing older, as long as we
accept it gracefully. Renewal gets enhanced by communicating with others,
reading, surfing the Net, and thinking. And it should not be dictated by
our surroundings as much as it should be our own will.

Many people in midlife are disappointed, whether that is because of a
broken long-term relationship, a derailed career, or children that did
not turn out the way we envisioned: there are tons of reasons why people
can be disheartened around this period. It may also have to do with the
realization that this age is an in-between stage: One is not as young
anymore to party all night, and still attend work bright and early
without a relentless hangover, and not young enough to date another new
star every night (even though some might try to at their own demise). On
the other side, the dismay around this life stage also has to do with the
realization that one is not old enough either to just forget about
everything. It’s not time to sit back and relax yet, especially not in
the world of today where reposing makes you obsolete overnight!

One idea that crossed my mind recently is that, in midlife, we may start
realizing that we need to hurry up if we still want to leave a legacy. We
need to have formulated what it is that we want, and then go for it. But
that’s all easier said than done, of course. Some thought that they were
on a good track, only to find at this age that it was not. And that’s the

Many of us, in midlife, feel depressed through reflection. We look back
at our lives and think: was that all there was to it? What did I really
do so far, and what have I learned from my mistakes? It may very well be
that around this time we get a bit more in touch with our spiritual side
and start wondering if our purpose was to learn from the mistakes we
repeatedly made, and from which many of us did not learn well enough so

Individuals who keep running into abusive or untruthful partners, those
who keep running into mean-spirited supervisors and unsatisfying jobs,
and those who keep falling into deteriorating habits such as smoking,
drinking, or drugs, should, perhaps, start wondering what it is that
they’re doing wrong, and where they have to apply critical changes in
their perspectives and actions.

Midlife is a fascinating stage, and for many of us it brings interesting
challenges that result in changes of directions, sometimes so radical,
that friends, colleagues, children and spouses cannot understand them.
However, as long as peace of mind, dignity, and self-respect are the
ultimate rewards of this midlife struggle, it may be worth it. The
question remains, will they?

Dr. Joan Marques ( stands for more than 20 successful
years in advertising, public relations, radio- and television production,
show-hosting; and dynamic entrepreneurship. In Suriname, her home
country, she founded and managed several small businesses and a
non-profit organization focused on advancement of women. She is the
author of, among others, “The Awakened Leader: One Simple Leadership
Style, That Works Every Time, Everywhere”, and co-author of “Spirituality
in the Workplace: What it Means; Why it Matters; How to Make it Work for
You.” Currently, Joan facilitates courses in business and management at
Woodbury University in Burbank, California; presents a weekly radio
column on personal excellence in the Netherlands; and regularly
co-organizes and presents workshops and inspirational sessions for
business executives and scholars in the Los Angeles area, through the
Business Renaissance Institute, ( which she co-founded in
2004.Joan has authored

Visit my website at:

It is better to live in serene poverty than in hectic affluence.
Everything has a price. The price for nurturing your soul is turning away
from excessive stress, destruction of self-respect, and the constant
strive in lifestyle with the Joneses. But it’s worth it.

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Secrets To Make Travel Easy And Stress Free

The greatest secret to the success of a vacation is in the
planning. While it sounds daring to just throw your clothes in a
bag and “wing it”, the reality is that it takes a calculator, a
pencil, and even a map to plot an easy and stress-free vacation.

1.Make a realistic budget, and stick to it!

You don’t want to spend sleepless nights worrying how to pay
off your credit card. How much can you afford to spend? Then
list down what you will have to pay for, from obvious expenses
like room, board and transportation, to things like food,
airport fees, and souvenirs and shopping.

To get a realistic gauge, find out the cost of living of the
area and visit travelers forums to get a general idea of how
much others have spent. Also consider hidden costs and the
nature of the vacation.

For example, a hotel may look cheap, but it may have such a
limited range of accessible restaurants that you’ll end up
spending a fortune on food. Or, you may be visiting a shopper’s
haven where the bargains are too great to pass up. You need more
money to splurge here than if you had just gone to a beach,
where the sun is free.

2.Keep a realistic itinerary

Some people turn vacations in a frenzied attempt to see
everything in three days or less. The thing is, if you try to
cram too many sights, you’ll be running from one place to
another without really absorbing what you hear. You may also be
exhausting yourself to the point that you need a vacation to
recover from your vacation!

Research on the places you want to visit. How much time do you
really need for each? Some places are just beautiful backdrops
where you’ll need less than an hour to take the requisite
photos. Others, like museums, should have an entire afternoon.

3.Start planning three to four months ahead

This gives you time to look for discounts or negotiate for
better rates, and make arrangements for the work (or pets!)
you’re leaving behind. You also have time to save, in case you
realize your allotted budget isn’t enough.

4.Find out about the place’s quirks

Be informed! Know the climate, the kind of clothes you need to
wear, and prepare for the little quirks of the place. For
example, you may find out that it costs a fortune to develop
film or photos in the resort you’re visiting.

At least you’ll have an extra memory card! Other things to
look out for: accessibility of transportation, how many people
in that area can speak English, the number of ATM’s or how many
of the establishments accept credit cards. These details may not
seem important as finding a good hotel, but can quickly become
annoying and stressful inconveniences!

5.Don’t go there with too many expectations

It’s okay to be excited, but many tourists are just too easily
disappointed and frustrated. Remember, no matter how “imperfect”
a vacation is, it’s still a chance to discover a new place and
culture, and get out of the rut of the everyday. It’s useless to
keep comparing it to “how things are back home” or rant about
how it’s fallen short of the promises in the brochure. You’re
already there. Make the most of it.

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Go To: Plus, Get Your
Reserved Free Gift: “7 Secrets to Save Money Traveling Anytime
of the Year”

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3 Tips For Creating Healthy Eating Habits

Ever made a New Year’s Resolution only to be disappointed in
yourself and back to your old habits by February? We’ve all been

We make a pact with ourselves to live a healthy lifestyle
because we know that good eating habits will enhance our lives.
Nobody doubts the ability of healthy eating habits to improve
our health but not many have the will power to make the changes
needed to create a new lifestyle unless they have help.

You can change your eating habits and have a healthier
lifestyle without having to wreck your social status or have
your friends turn and run. The biggest reason why people fail
and don’t stick to this New Year’s resolution is that they
expect to change overnight and become perfect. If you set your
goals to high and make unrealistic expectations, you are setting
yourself up to fail.

Here are some practice tips for eating healthy and forming good
eating habits:

1. Tell Your Family and Friends

Plan a family night of making smoothies and let everyone know
they are in for a fun night. Let them know why you are doing
this. Tell them that everyone needs to have more fruits and
vegetables in their diets. This will get everyone involved in a
whole lifestyle change.

Don’t try doing it alone because you feel if you tell and then
do your late night run to McDonald’s they will consider you to
be a failure. You just might be pleased and surprised. Your
family and friends will have respect for what you are working to
accomplish and will be able to support you and hold you

Maybe get your husband to start doing the grocery shopping and
have children start dinner – Miracles do happen.

2. Do everything you can to avoid the fast food restaurants in
the beginning. It starts with small steps and the first one you
may need to do is start cooking meals at home instead of
resorting to a fast food restaurant. If we do go out to eat, we
can make healthier choices from the menu.

It is very important when you make the decision to eat with
health in mind that you avoid your triggers.

It is nearly impossible to change your eating habits when you
visit a fast food joint often. The smell, the golden arches are
all triggers that will dissolve your resolution to eat
healthier. It is not a lack of will power that drives you to
order a “Big Mac” and fries, much of the taste and aroma of
American fast foods are chemically manufactured to elicit both
emotional and physical responses.

Even just getting a smell of a McDonald’s burger causes you to
feel hunger even when you’ve just finished eating. Everything
that’s gone into their advertising is designed to make you
associate the fast food with good times and great eating.

3. Take Small Steps: Poor eating habits are just as much an
addiction as smoking or drinking. It is pounded into our
subconscious our entire lives, and we fight it everyday. It may
be the lack of time, or the social value it promises without
having to slave in the kitchen that drives us to eat this type
of food, but we have developed these types of eating habits to
make our lives easier. The reality is they do more harm than

Changing your eating habits doesn’t have to mean you have to
give up everything you love, or that you need to do all or
nothing. The best we can do is to take a slow, steady approach
to revamping our eating habits. Little steps that we can follow
everyday. Sometimes small substitutions of healthy foods for
those we know are unhealthy add up to a good start toward

About The Author: Start forming healthy eating habits today
with the help of our healthy menu planner at Sign up for a free 7-day trial
and see for yourself how delicious healthy food can be.

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Energy Meditation

Energy meditation is just one form of spiritual meditation that
you can use.

This form of meditation focuses on how everything is made up of
energy. Whether you are meditating by yourself or are engaging
in guided meditation lead by an instructor, this form of
meditation is liberating to the mind and soul.

The benefits of energy meditation go beyond what we can do for
ourselves emotionally and physically in everyday life. By using
this form of meditation we will develop self-awareness, a higher
level of understanding about people and objects around us, and a
better appreciation for life in general.

Moreover, there are physical rewards that are just as
beneficial. Your stress level will lower. Your blood pressure
will drop. Your heart rate will decrease. You will feel
liberated and free!

A Quick Session

Before engaging in an energy meditation, we need to allow
ourselves to feel compassion for everyone and everything around
us. This includes both living beings and non-living objects.

Say things like “may everyone be happy” or “may all of God’s
creatures find happiness on earth.” Be thankful to God for
everything you have.

Provoking positive thoughts will put your mind at ease and help
the meditation process flow smoothly. Once you have your mind at
rest, focus your attention on everything around you.

Think of everything as energy. People, objects, animals, and
all physical structures on earth should be thought of as forms
of energy. Picture all of these things turning into energy and
creating an energy field around you.

Start from the outside in. Once your outer energy field has
been established you can focus on your body. Picture your body
as energy (your skin, your organs, everything).

Once you have achieved perfect balance between self and
environment, stay in your meditative state for about twenty or
thirty minutes. Before stopping energy meditation, let your mind
transform yourself and your environment back into physical form.

About The Author: Learn about energy meditation and other easy
methods of meditation at learn how to meditate.

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The Best Colon Cleanse Money Can Buy

There are numerous different methods available for cleansing
the colon. But do you know the best colon cleanse products money
can buy?

Now I know you are likely to be disappointed with the answer.

In fact, I think you may be tempted to stop reading this
article after finding out this “secret”. But bear with me and I
will explain why they can be so efficient and hopefully change
your whole outlook.

So, the best colon cleansing products money can buy are=85 water
and fiber.

Yep =96 That’s it. Water and fiber.

Drinking water and eating foods rich in fiber are the simplest,
most natural way to keep the colon functioning healthily and
“scrubbing” it clear of waste material.

So, while some people are spending a fortune on colonic
irrigation therapy or taking enemas, or even taking herbal
preparations to clean the colon, these simple ingredients can be
added to the diet to naturally clean the colon and improve

Continue reading to discover natural methods to clean the colon
and sign up for our free newsletter.

Also, the improvements made by other treatments tend to be
relatively short term with benefits only lasting until the
effects of the lifestyle that created the problems in the first
instance start to stockpile the waste in the colon once again.

You do not need to waste a great amount of your money, time and
effort to clean your colon because when it comes to these two
simple colon cleansers, the result is long-term and guaranteed
to be effective.

Drinking more pure water is a natural colon-cleansing agent as
t helps to “moisturize” the waste in your colon, and rehydrate
the body. It also helps lubricate the colon walls. The right
amount of water intake in the body is said to be 8 glasses per
daily, however, the regularity of the water is as important as
the amount, so water should be drunk every hour throughout the

Amending your diet to effectively improve the digestive process
is vital for a healthy colon. Reducing the levels of processed
foods in the diet and replacing with natural (preferably
organic) fiber rich foods will reduce the number of toxins,
chemicals and pesticides consumed.

For the body to regain its good health eat organic foods, raw
vegetables and fruits and cook foods lightly to retain the
nutritional content. Avoid processed foods, high fat foods and
food that are high in sugars.

Fiber comes in two forms, soluble and insoluble fiber. Both
are important, to the health of the colon, as they lubricate,
soften and bulk the stool and help pass waste that may have been
lingering in the colon for a while.

Fiber has also been shown to help with the mobility of the
colon, meaning that it help the colon to move food and waste
matter along its length more effectively.

Fiber is available from many natural sources, including most
vegetables and fruit. It is also available in many breakfast
cereals and many have been fortified with fiber.

By just simply increasing your fruit and vegetable intake every
meal, you can experience better colon health.

Whenever possible choose organic foods. They may be more
expensive than packaged foods that are high in preservatives,
but they can save you more money in the long term in terms of
your health =96 and you will reduce the slow build up of toxins in
the body.

Remember that colon cleansing need not be expensive,
embarrassing or painful. You can get many of the benefits of
commercial colon cleansers by adding these two basic nourishing
ingredients to your diet – water and fiber.

So rather than looking in shopping malls or online or going to
the clinic or spa. If you want the best colon cleanse a person
can buy, go and look in your kitchen.

About The Author: Sign up for Maggie Simmons’ free Colon
Cleanse newsletter – Overflowing with easy to implement methods
to help you discover more about Best Colon Cleanse at

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How You Can Use Acupuncture For Endometriosis To Ease Your Pain

When therapists and enthusiasts are asked about the
effectiveness of acupuncture for endometriosis the topic of pain
relief often comes up. This is because endometriosis pains are
so varied and differ wildly from woman to woman.

Endometriosis is often difficult to treat even with today’s
advanced pain medication. According to acupuncture therapists
and enthusiasts, however, although acupuncture will not treat
endometriosis entirely, it can help relieve the pain that comes
with the disorder.

Women who suffer from endometriosis often report severe
abdominal cramps, a feeling of heaviness especially in the
pelvic area, and disabling, crippling pains in the lower back.

This is because endometriosis involves the migration of
endometrial tissue normally found in the uterus, to other parts
of the body. Each month as hormonal changes encourage the
tissues to swell and then shed, instead of being expelled as
menstruation, the blood and tissue lodge in various organ
systems, causing internal bleeding, intense pain and even
disruptions in normal bodily functions.

Because the cause of endometriosis is unknown, it is difficult
to treat with only one form of therapy. Physicians will often
recommend various drugs, including those that can help manage
pain, and those that can lower the levels of estrogen in the
body. Acupuncture contributes to therapy by allowing patients to
relax better, and to deal with pain more effectively without
resorting to medication.

If you are suffering from endometriosis and do not want to take
more medications to relieve your pains, then you may wish to
consider acupuncture.

Acupuncture makes use of tiny needles inserted into strategic
parts of your body, with the aim of redirecting the universal
energy field, called chi. When redirected, chi can allow you to
be healthier and more relaxed. With greater relaxation, you can
perhaps learn how to handle your pain better.

Before you go to an acupuncturist, however, you will need to
consult with your doctor first about what other therapy options
are available to you. This is especially advisable if you have a
fear of needles, or if you are highly skeptical about
acupuncture. If you do undertake acupuncture therapy, however,
then these tips can help in your search for an acupuncturist.

=95 Ask your physician for referrals. Many obstetricians and
gynecologists will be in touch with acupuncturists who offer
relaxation or pain relief therapy. These acupuncturists will
also be licensed and legal, so you can be sure that you are
receiving treatment from a qualified practitioner.

=95 Join an email group or forum for people suffering from
endometriosis, and ask around about acupuncture therapy. There
will most likely be people present who have undergone the
therapy to deal with their own endometriosis-related pains, and
they can offer you tips on where to go, who to see, and what to

=95 When you arrive at the acupuncturist, ask as many questions
as you can. This is a good way to do research on acupuncture.
Besides, a good, licensed acupuncturist will be happy to answer
your questions, offer reassurance and be more than willing to
help you. Try and find a practitioner who has knowledge and
experience of dealing with endometriosis.

=95 Share your good experiences with members of your email group
or forum. You can help other endometriosis sufferers in dealing
with their own conditions.

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endometriosis by signing up to the newsletter below.

For those who practice acupuncture, endometriosis is not
necessarily easy to treat. The many pains can blind patients to
the possibility of being able to deal with the difficulties of
the disorder. However, with positive experiences, and with more
acupuncture for endometriosis therapy sessions, the pains of
endometriosis may lessen significantly.

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Stuff You Should Know When Doing Quick Weight Loss

A number of people who are becoming obese are increasing as
years go by. Products and programs that offer weight loss
solutions have emerged in the market today due to this trend.

People tend to resort to these products that can help them lose
weight, safe, fast, and easy since losing weight has become
tiresome and frustration to most people. Are these quick weight
loss products effective to permanent and healthy weight loss?


Believing that weight loss products today are safe to use
because they are often based in natural and organic ingredients,
most obese or morbidly obese people take these to lose weight
quickly. Although using these products, might be convenient,
hassle-free, and easy, its effectivity and safety are not always
determined or guaranteed.

People who are thinking of having quick weight loss and fad
diets should think twice before they try taking in any product
or engaging into diets. It is because it can be harmful and can
severely damage a person’s body. It may bring about greater
health problems in the future aside from creating a “yo-yo
syndrome” or inconstant weight losing patterns.

It cannot permanently help you achieve long-term goals of
losing weight although quick weight loss diets can help you
achieve your short term goals. Choosing gradual weight loss can
provide you professional help and can provide you proven eating
choices and patterns that can help you develop the discipline
you need in order to lose weight in the run. You can also learn
specific diet recommendations that are suited for your needs if
you opt not to engage in quick weight loss alternatives.

Based on numerous health researches, quick weight loss-achieved
through improper diet-overemphasizes a particular food type.
Aside from violating the basic principle of good nutrition,
quick weight loss diets also breaks the second significant rule
that is enjoyable eating.


Experts advise that quick weight loss greatly affects a
person’s total well-being. It can even result to more serious
health risks if a wrong product is taken. Authorities in the
health and nutrition world advice people who would want to lose
weight to stick to the best way of losing unwanted fats and that
is to eat balanced diet.

Eating a balanced diet can help the reduction of weight
greatly. Coupled with regular physical activities or exercises
that improves cardiovascular health, there’s no way that you
cannot lose weight in time.

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